New formula that will increase the caliber, performance and quality of your fruit.

13 Sep , 2017 www.portalfruticola.com
Once the agricultural season begins, some of the main concerns of the fruit producers are yield, caliber and condition, factors that will be determinant in the final return of the producer.
After the occurrence of the flowering-fruit event,
the development and initial growth of the fruit will be determined by the process of cell division, moment in which the hormonal and nutritional support would be fundamental for enhance this process. In response to this necessity, Stoller Chile is working since 18 years in different areas of the country with the product Stimulate®, bio stimulant that possess hormonal cofactors (auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins), that promote the general growth and the development of both the plant, as well as the caliber and condition of the fruits.

With the aim of enhance at the maximum the physiological events (cellular division) and generate an impact on the caliber’s parameters, dry matter and weight of the fruit, a new product was developed, Stimulate Fruit Sizer®, a bio stimulant that possess a major content and balance of hormonal cofactors, achieving to generate a major impact on the fruit.
The Achondo Sullivan agricultural company has been using the gauge program in table grapes and cherries for 5 seasons, and in the 2016-2017 season it used Stimulate Fruit Sizer® in some sectors. Other commercial alternatives were tried in the grape quarters where the product was applied, and the most notable was the Stimulate Fruit Sizer®, increasing up to 1 mm in size, from large to extra caliber. In addition, it managed to concentrate the harvest and increase the percentage of fruit with exportable quality. In cherries, it was tested it in the Santina, Lapins, Bing and Sweetheart varieties, and managed to mobilize the caliber curve to larger sizes, reaching 90% of the fruit with a caliber greater than 28 mm.