Peach prices sky high after heavy losses in Southeast US.

12 Sep , 2017 growingproduce.com

With low chill hours this year, Southeastern peach growers were hit with extreme losses. Will McGhee, Marketing Director for the Georgia Peach Council told WSAV-TV in Savannah, GA, it was one of the worst in 50 years.

WSAV-TV reports Georgia lost about 80% and South Carolina lost about 90% of their respective peach crops this year, which means multi-million dollar industry losses.

The station reports there is a bright spot in the devastation – prices are sky high. Locally grown peaches at a Stokes Produce stand at a farmer’s market in Savannah rose to $45 for a half-bushel.

As for next year, growers are optimistic that next year the crop will rebound.

“This doesn’t happen very often. When it happens it’s awful but, you know, history says we’re gonna be right back at it next year and working just as hard or harder than we ever have.” McGehee said.