California: No direct impacts from fires yet reported for fresh produce, says CFFA.

11 Oct , 2017 www.freshfruitportal.com

The California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) says it has not yet received reports of any of its members being directly impacted from the wildfires around the state.

On Tuesday the number of people confirmed dead in Northern California rose to 15, with at least 100,000 acres scorched, according to the LA Times.

Key wine grape-growing areas such as Napa are reported to have been heavily affected, with the fires having destroyed hundreds of buildings.

“In terms of the commodities that we represent here in California…we haven’t heard of any direct impacts yet,” CFFA director of member relations and communications Ian LeMay told Fresh Fruit Portal on Tuesday afternoon.

“Obviously situations like this sometimes can impact transportation routes to different markets and some of our members could have issues getting their products to market.

“But with this being such an immediate and ongoing situation in multiple areas of the state right now, it’s hard to put our finger on how this could impact the California fresh fruit market.”

He pointed out that there had been numerous wildfires in California over the long and hot summer, including serious fires in the south.